"The Web Is Your Oyster."

Formerly known as BrightonWebDev, we have adopted the new name DimSquid as this is less localising to Brighton thus giving ourselves a wider audience to Portfolio with. The new name DimSquid is not a reflection of the Portfolioers, but chosen as we're located close to the sea and we have 16 steps to our website making process. Whilst under the alias of BrightonWebDev we had made websites for smaller clients (HBC:Home Brew Crew) and also some bigger ones (A&L District Scouts). We are excited to continue our venture and make fabulous websites for you all!

We at DimSquid believe - The Web Is Your Oyster.


A&L District Scouts

District scouts of Arun and Littlehampton.
The biggest client we have worked with so far wanted a newer more mobile frendly website.

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MakeGiftsEasy is a site for helping to find gifts for people.
This was my girlfriends idea so I made it into a reality, this was to included to show off my php.

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A South West of England vaping start up company.
As of 2018 they are developing their products to later be added to the site.

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A small up and coming band based in Brighton; this was on of the first websites that we have made.
As of 2018 we are offering to redesign their website.

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Previous Clients.

"The band didn't have a website before hand, now we get more views and downloads. Thanks"

Jack Hartigan

Home Brew Crew

The Website Isn't Good... It's GREAT!"

Mark Hewson

Arun & Littlehampton Scouts

"Thanks to Jonny building this website we can finally get our business off the ground!"

Josh Lee

Owner of ChaoticVapers